The ergonomic FLOTE floor stand for iPad, Kindle and most tablets and eReaders, is an elegant addition to any home. Helping technology lovers interact with their favorite tablet, FLOTE can be used to read, watch or browse while comfortably resting on a chair, sofa or even in bed. The hands-free device is made of beautifully machined metal and easily adjusts to your position. It also addresses the growing issue of strains and pain from prolonged use of tablets. Designer Dave Cutler – who created the device that “floats” your tablet – describes the process from inspiration to finished product:  “My goal when designing FLOTE was to create an elegant solution that truly enhances the user experience of interacting with a sophisticated piece of technology like the iPad. Beyond providing a hands-free experience, it also had to compliment the iPad aesthetically and not detract from it. (After all, what’s the point of having a clean, delicate industrial design if you combine it with a clunky or bulky stand?)

The inspiration for FLOTE’s design are high-end modern design floor lamps. These elegant devices serve a purpose- directing light- but are objects of art themselves to be enjoyed, whether the light is on or off. Also similar to these lamps, I wanted FLOTE to offer a sense of engineered thoughtfulness in terms of form and functionality, along with a sense of craftsmanship and quality utilizing precision-machined metals and great industrial design.” FLOTE was first introduced on and comes in a variety of finishes. Its small footprint (12 inches in diameter) makes it perfect even for small spaces. Easily sliding over floors and carpets, the FLOTE will quickly become your favorite device.