Modular shelving units make our lives easier and help customize even the most challenging spaces. Cubit could be part of your next space transformation, as it can be personalized to suit your own needs. Designed to help you organize your stuff, Cubit consists of 21 formats in 8 depths, each piece having an intelligently designed groove on the backside that helps it all come together, without using screws. Every module was conceived to be adjoined to another one or be used separately and shape a unique system that allows you to store your books, magazines, CDs or the items of your choice with style. Check out the Cubit site for more information. They even have an online planner where you input wall size, wall color and roof slopes and get an estimate of your future Cubit system. Available in white and black, the MDF shelving system can be composed of as many volumes as you like – prices vary between 22€ and 49€.