This home is a great example of how Australian suburban typologies can be adapted to contemporary housing requirements. The California Dreaming residence, located in a developing neighborhood of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, is one of many new contemporary residences that start to replace old style homes in this area. Bild Architecture designed this 235 square meters residential unit with a central program containing the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, surrounded by living spaces placed at the border with the exterior. This ensures the main living areas are filled with natural light.

The contemporary adaptation of the well-known California Bungalow type of housing is decorated with a signature double-gable roof wrapping around the structure. Glass sliding door connect the interior spaces to the outside courtyard, while sliding panels on the inside prove to be of real help when the owners need to close or open the floor plan. No wonder this particular residence looks both familiar and manages to break the monotony of surrounding houses – it is a unique residential space with plenty of inspirational details.