The classic idea of enjoying a relaxing evening by the fireplace, laying on a bearskin rug while stress and worries seem to float away was recently upgraded to an animal-friendly version. The Bommel Bearskin resembles a fierce animal, but this particular bear skin rug is made out of different sized pom-poms – 1,200 of them, to be exact. Even the claws, nose and muzzle are wool felted, constructing an eye-catching design made out of wool and merino wool. A 5 mm bottom layer, made out of 100% wool felt, acts as the base for this interesting pom-pom construction. This fun alternative to displaying a bear skin in your living room or bedroom is part of the Bommel Collection presented by Berlin-based studio Myk. The creative team works with wool felt pom-poms to shape fun, colorful rugs crafted by hand.