Company reSET architecture sent us photos and information about the renovation and extension of a small decaying farmhouse in the Dutch Betuwe region. Here is the press release we were sent: “A new annex is placed in the second line, behind the existing farmhouse, inferior in height but with a strong presence, providing a backdrop for the farmhouse. In its updated context the old building becomes more prominent in its surroundings. The contrast in architecture between the farmhouse and its new added wing results in an ambiguous synergy. The character of the separate elements is easy to read yet this does not mean their relationship is simple: recognize new changes to the old farm and local historical references to elements in the new volume provide a multiple relationship between the two parts of the whole. The two main volumes are clearly recognizable, old and new, but in function, detailing and materials linked.

In function the differences reinforce each other. Two different housing archetypes are combined; a landscape-oriented ‘loft-like’ open-plan living space and a more private plan, arranged in rooms, in the existing farmhouse. In both cases, the openings in the wall are arranged in a way that they provide optimum views of the surrounding landscape. In the old building these are just small peepholes and in the new section large windows provide a clear visual connection with the orchard. The facades of the extension have an identical structure, there is a steel base and top edge separated by a glass facade or timber infill”.