What happens when creativity meets passion? Here is a good example – the Giselle Lounge Table was born out of Russian interior and product designer Anna Neklesa’s passion for beauty and ballet. Its round tabletop  – made of steel or powder-coated aluminum – were bent to form pouches underneath that resemble a ballerina’s tutu. Elegant oak wood legs imitate a ballerina’s legs while performing. The statement Anna made comprises the inspiration and need to promote one of Russia’s most treasured features: “I was wondering – what new look of mother Russia I would like to reveal to the world community? And it was ballet. Nothing expresses the Russian spirit like this form of art.  For several centuries, fragile and pretty ballerinas with a strong and passionate character excited the minds of the intelligent all over the world. I wanted to express the beauty of the Russian soul in this table, to combine the fragility and the strength. “Spotted on BeautifulLife, the Giselle Lounge Table is not only stable in spite of its two legs, but also modern, fairytale-like and elegant to the core.