Candy and eye-candy meet in the Candy Stop Coyoacan – a fresh candy store brand in Mexico City. Its location in a traditional neighborhood makes the creative interior design stand out even more – sinuous purple lines shape a mind-opening shelf design that holds the brand’s products and attracts customers right from the storefront. Looking through the glass partition separating the street from “the promised land”, you can see the double height, half colored half tiled surface that prevents the existence of a boring, outdated design. Its creators – ROW Studio – have an eye for details and creative minds: “The entire exhibition is contained in an undulated rack that becomes a continuous purple ribbon that fuses with the floor and main desk in different moments. The same color is used to frame the transitions between spaces and at the main entry to the store.

An existing second floor was partially demolished to create a double height area at the entrance enhancing a much needed sense of spatiality to the storefront. The upper surfaces of the walls are tilted to the inside in a quasi pyramidal shape, sharpening even more the perceivable height by elongating the visuals. This surfaces are completely covered by a repetitive pattern of abstracted gummy bears designed by industrial designer Ariel Rojo acting as a loose reference to the patterns and textures common in traditional architecture. The materials remind of the nature of the product: solid, reflective and continuous surfaces that are both easy to clean and strikingly vibrant. An eye candy for sweets.” Flashing this kind of design, the candy store found on RetailDesignBlog can become your diet’s worst enemy in no time.