Functional furniture- we all love it, especially those living in small spaces. Eco-friendly features – we all search for them and hope they become more and more familiar. The Smallroom collection of seating elements combines function and modern design and hides the story of wanting to create a greener office space. These elements were gathered in the design of three items of 1 meter, 1,5 meters and 2 meter long that can be arranged in many ways, shaping different configurations.

Someone using this seating unit can either work on their laptop or enjoy the plants seen in the “weed” configuration or even have a conversation in the t?te ? t?te configuration. Side and back panels are just the right height – high enough to offer privacy and low enough to avoid blocking views. Designed by Dutch designer Ineke Hans, the Smallroom also features armrests that can have different functions – simple upholstery for resting, wood-covered and with optional power sockets for laptops and a container version for storing magazines in reception areas or plants in waiting rooms. Produced for Swedish company OFFECCT, the Smallroom seating configuration offers a modern alternative for highly used office and waiting room furniture.