Romania’s capital, Bucharest, is home to this very modern and elegant apartment. Designed to display simple, clean lines on the edge of coldness, the AC Apartment combines black, brown and white in a light, wood-adorned set of interiors. Bucharest-based Square ONE studio designed this project as an open floor collection of spaces where glass panels and curtains divide the functional interiors. Being a penthouse apartment with four rooms, two bathrooms and plenty of storage space, the AC Apartment displays supporting structure pillars covered with MDF panels veneered with nut plywood, composing an inviting space.

Its living/dining/ cooking space was designed around two central volumes – the kitchen island and the wooden volumes incorporating the TV. With a mirroring kitchen backsplash, the spaces looks bigger and breaks the monotony of a black kitchen. The master bedroom and bathroom share the same space, divided by glass and curtains. Organic-inspired designs adorn the shower, while the round lights manage to sweeten rough angles seen throughout the penthouse apartment. See something you don’t like?