Constructed where not long ago old sheds used to be, on a protected side of the river Maas in the Netherlands, this fantastic collection of four residential volumes bear the simple name of “Farmyard“. The small village of Oud-Empel seemed to be the perfect place to erect this interesting barnyard with a residential function replacing the traditional agricultural one. Designed by Hilberink Bosch Architects, the residential complex gathers four barn-like structures that shape a modern residence with all the necessary amenities. The main brick house acts as the primary entrance to the residential complex, with two large chimneys expressing its function. The main volume is connected to two of the volumes via a central courtyard, while the fourth volume is invisible from the street, being located on slightly lower ground. Comprising new building technologies and traditional materials, the Farmyard would surely take you back on a journey to a simpler life while offering comfort and a beautiful design.