Beach House E-03 was designed by Lima-based studio V?rtice Arquitectos and is located in Palillos Beach, 72 miles south of Lima, Peru. This modern residence has a total surface of 3,186 square feet and was built on an irregularly-shaped terrain, having unobstructed sea views: “Taking advantage of the slope of the lot, the project features different materials and textures in three levels that work together as a unit, obtaining several space relations between the interior and the outside. According to the requirements of the site, the volumes are designed at different levels like platforms on the ground, emphasizing on the main volume. The central space is closed in three directions, to avoid direct solar entrance and eye contact with the neighboring lands”. The three levels of the residence accommodate five bedrooms (first level), a social area (second level) and a social area extension plus roof deck (third floor). How would you comment on the location and design of this modern home?