Completed in 2011, the Vidre Negre Office Building in Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy is a contemporary structure displaying an up-to-date, dynamic architecture. Occupying 1,400 square meters on a 6.960 square meter plot, the imposing shape mirrors in the nearby water, visually doubling its size and offering the eye an interesting play of volumes. Surrounded by native species within the surrounding park, the office building designed by Damilano Studio Architects runs its two wings from east to west. Between these two wings, a central volume shelters the stairs, toilets and bars.

The east side of the building houses private offices, while the west size surprises with a large open space contrasting with the asymmetric arrangement of other spaces. On the basement floor, the space is divided between garages and conference rooms brightly illuminated through large windows. The prism is completely covered in black faceted glass and integrated photovoltaic panels, caring for the environment as well as for the visual presentation. Rising four floors above the ground, the dark architectural composition features an energy-saving heating system with radiant oak floors that are both functional and offer a pleasant aesthetic. How does your office building look like?