I find it sad that modern architecture has the ability to bring everything to a homogeneous state. In most cases, it is currently difficult to correlate the design of a modern home with its country of origin. This Greek residence may follow the patterns of contemporary architecture, but it also comes with a few original features. Designed by Dimitris Economou, Oikia Voulas Panorama is an opulent villa in Athenes, built with sustainability in mind. Round windows, one of which provides pool views, make its exterior less common. Once inside, a potential visitor will be greeted by highly modern furniture arrangements. Room functionality is subtly suggested, yet the transition is barely noticeable. The stone wall in the living room  is an eccentric detail that stands out and adds personality. I find the overall harmony of the interiors (good choice of colors) disrupted by an excessive use of spot lights. What is your stand on the design of this modern home?