Trusting the interior designers you work with is very important – something incredible can result from understanding the needs and wishes of a client and then designing a residential space that can accommodate their lifestyle while constructing a new setting for their daily activities. The Marina Apartment 1 is just that kind of place – a renovated apartment in Warsaw’s Mokotow district designed according to a few guidelines – a cozy, modern quality home, displaying many wood details and a beautiful sea fish aquarium – and a creative set of minds. After enjoying the Eko Park 3 apartment, this is the second residential loft part of Polish Exit Interior Design Studio‘s portfolio that caught our attention. The photos made by Olo Rutkowski present us with carefully selected and designed details, emphasized by the client’s constant search for quality. In order to have a comfortable, contemporary home suited for this family, the best firms working with wood, stone and other elements were selected and the result is magnificent.

This is how the designers explain their work on this project: “These high standards gave us a lot satisfaction while we were working on the project and later on during its implementation. After accepting and adapting some inconvenient construction elements, within one year the interior was created for the family with two teenagers. Downstairs -the area used during a day – there is the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the toilet, the guest room and the entrance hall. Upstairs – the area used at night – there are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the sauna and on the second floor there is the entertainment zone with the film projector and Hi-Fi equipment. The final effect is a combination of the best quality materials and work of top craftsmen – to fulfill particular requirements of the client. Therefore, we used material such as : American Nut and Ebony wood and natural stony elements made of Onyx, Blanco Statuario, Nero Asoluto or Trawertino Navona. After one year of work, our project and its final version was fully approved by our client with great satisfaction on both sides.