Transforming a beautifully designed 1962 house into an inviting modern residence proved to be a challenge for architect Michael Haverland. The property is located in Palm Springs and it had to retain the work of renowned mid-century architect William Cody while offering its new owner the comfort of a modern lifestyle. After carefully analyzing the structure, plans and relationship to the surroundings, Michael Haverland restored the Abernathy Residence and brought into light all the original details while maintaining an elegant, updated atmosphere.

Interiors were redefined and a new pool was added. This necessitated the garden to be reconfigured resulting in a series of welcoming outside spaces that care to the inhabitants different needs. A 4,800 square feet single story floor plan gathers the public and private spaces together under three pavilion-hipped roofs. The bright Californian sun is welcomed inside through new windows and sliding doors and the powerful connection to the exterior is seen throughout the house, but the sense of comfort and security is given by the original indoor/outdoor relationship, where the interior space is private and the outdoor space is patiently awaiting outside.