This modern beach house in East Sussex is an astonishing dream home caught between intriguing surroundings. Built not far away from the inviting beach, the fascinating contemporary home displays glass and timber details that make it look like a transitional design between a beach house and a modern residential building in the suburbs. A V-shaped floor plan allowed the architect to construct a semi-circular terrace on the first floor and a similar but larger deck downstairs. The living room downstairs can be fully open to the outside deck, but the owners can also choose to admire the views from the upstairs contemplating space. The kitchen and dining space create a seamless place that incorporates views and modern furniture in order to make everyone feel at ease. Even from these spaces, we can clearly see the influence of the nearby beach in the choice of colors, textures and art. Details that capture a beach lifestyle can be enjoyed in many corners of this house. Also, two round staircases connect the floors – a white metal one outside and a metal and wood staircase on the inside. Is this what you have in mind when thinking about a dream home by the sea?