Located in the partly-tamed landscape surrounding a 7.8 acre lot in Old Snowmass, Colorado, this extraordinary rural villa was built in close relation with its surroundings, turning itself into a comfortable viewing platform for the immensity of agricultural land surrounding the house. Overlooking snow-covered mountains in the distance, the Brammell Residence features an amazing set of interior spaces designed by Aspen-based architectural firm Studio B Architects.

By creating a cozy atmosphere in the 8,000 square foot rural home, Studio B gave the family living here a customized dream home. A water feature perfectly adapted to the rural location is visible from the dining room/kitchen space and outdoor BBQ and dining space. A wooden pergola filters the light reaching the first floor of the middle volume interiors. The two adjacent private volumes – one on each side – were placed facing the breathtaking landscape of sage and wildflower fields, and the mixture of building materials like limestone, stained siding rain screen application and steel panels connect the built structure to the land. This rural dream home would be one amazing inheritance.