The Strauss Residence was designed by Architect Alexander Brenner and built very close to two other projects from their portfolio – R6 House and House Heidehof. Its contemporary interiors shelter three generations of the same family, uniting and gathering them under the sleek and clean roof line. Cut in two east-to-west orientated halves ensuring privacy for the whole family, the 458 square meter Strauss Residence offers shelter for the grandparents in the smaller north wing and more room for the young family and their two kids on the opposite side. Accessed from the eastern side, the sustainable modern dwelling displays a closed front facade, with a rough-sawn wood garage volume guarding the entrance.

Inside the property, a slightly undulating, slightly raised ramp leads to the front entrance, from where both parts of the residence can be reached. Almost exclusively supplied with renewable energy and furnished with custom-built furniture and room fixtures designed by the architect, Strauss Residence also benefits from a perfectly manicured private backside garden, complete with a swimming pool, open fireplace and play areas for the children. The solid construction captured in the photos by Stuttgart-based photographer Zooey Braun is a mixture of materials like basalt, smoked oak, Tineo, varnish and bronze metallic coating. Surely the modern and bright Strauss Residence can be considered a multi-generation dream home.