Constructed in Lagos, Portugal, this fascinating residential home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean will definitely become one of your favorites once you see all the details. Designed by Portuguese architectural studio Mario Martins, the coastal home was created with a few guidelines in mind, as to make the most of its location and offer the inhabitants a comfortable, elegant crib. Named Colunata House, the residence was built using locally resourced materials and its architecture was designed according to solar orientation, but without losing the panoramic views. A subtle transition between the interiors and exteriors was created, respecting the surroundings and carefully placing comfort and views on a pedestal.

Both the interiors and the exteriors were created to suit a modern lifestyle and compete with any luxury resort when it comes to entertaining and leisure facilities. Here are a few words from the architect describing the beautiful architecture: “These guidelines result in a set of white volumes, free and organically grouped, culminating in a semi-circular opening, which embraces the pool and opens out to the privileged sea view. This results in the central terrace, the main space of the house, where the privacy is felt and where the horizon is predominant. It is around this terrace that the functional organization of the house is structured, on one floor. There are five bedrooms with bathrooms and a large living room which leads to the kitchen. The garage, technical and service areas ensure the smooth running of the house.” Do you love it as much as we do?