Strathmoor House is a project envisioned by Berkeley-based studio WA Design and located in the East Bay hills in Berkeley, California, USA. The main objective of the architects was to create a home that would offer a high level of privacy, while ensuring unobstructed views towards San Francisco Bay: “To establish privacy we introduced a curved shell wall, clad with cement board panels, that conforms to the street edge and presents an opaque textural surface. The shell wall is a study of carefully moderated transparency, both acoustic and visual, with minimal windows set on the module of the cement panels.

Envisioned as a space between the buildings, like an exterior plaza, the entry volume organizes the flow through the home. The experience of this “outdoor space” is enhanced and strengthened by building elements that address the space with raw finishes typical of building exteriors. Rough cement plaster, metal siding, stained concrete floors, and galvanized stairs all provide a seamless transition from the streetside entry through to the view side of the home and a two-story window wall opening to the garden. Facing south, this window wall shines daylight into the surrounding spaces and dramatically opens views to the San Francisco Bay”. Check out the photos and if you have any comments regarding this project, feel free to express them.