We received a project of an elegant sofa design that we would like to share forwards. Here is the press release we were sent: Designed by Nicola Gallizia, for Moldeni&C, Oz is one of those ‘magical’ products that has been so cleverly engineered that it just works. The transformation from sofa to bed is delivered in a few easy steps. The slatted base is divided into two halves that slot inside each other to create the sofa base. The front panel of the base hides a small lever that when engaged allows this panel and one half of the base to slide out horizontally until it locks into place, providing a comfortable bed. When in use as a sofa, the armrests remain at its side, however when the base slides out the armrests simultaneously fall away and slide neatly under the base leaving only the ‘headboard’.

The ‘headboard’ or ‘sofa backrest’ can be set at different heights further aiding the item’s transformation from sofa to bed and back again. The seat cushion unfurls to make up a seamless, orthopedic mattress and the back cushions double as pillows! The sliding mechanism of both the base and the armrests is an unique piece of engineering patented by Molteni&C. Available in widths 1820mm and 2020mm, the sofa is 1170mm deep and extends to 2080mm when transformed into the bed. The mattress size is either 1600 or 1800mm and the overall maximum height of the backrest/headboard is 670mm. Find it appealing?