When asked to completely turn around the appearance of a 1950’s home, Nico van der Meulen Architects came up with a highly contemporary solution. Following the clients’ brief, to create a home with an urban feel, the architecture company redesigned Mosi Residence, turning it into a continuous four-bedroom space with plenty of entertaining areas. According to the official project description, “the single-story building allows for large double volume spaces and flat roofs have been used in the alteration to keep vertical expansion in mind for the client’s future. As a result of an impeccable renovation, the house is divided into public and private spaces. To enter the private areas of the home, one must cross a bridge above a new internal water feature which breaks the public and private spaces, separating the entrance hall and study from the private home. In keeping with the owner’s brief to have a home with an urban and open feel, the interior and exterior entertaining areas have been blurred by sliding stacking doors that open up the whole facade“. Be sure to have a look at the “before” photos at the end of the post, for a better understanding of the project and tell us what you think of the differences.