Designed by Broadhurst Architects as a week-end retreat for a family in Washington D.C, the Shack at Hinkle Farm provides peacefulness and relaxation. Here is an excerpt of the official project description provided by the architects: “The shack was created as a logical step between tent camping, and the yet unrealized weekend cottage. This fundamental shelter has no electricity. Oil lamps provide light. Heat is provided by a small wood stove, which is also used to heat water that is delivered to the “kitchen” sink by a gravity system. The vertical drop is achieved by using a hand-powered bilge pump to fill an overhead storage tank. Rain water is collected from the roof as part of the outdoor shower system. Acknowledging the constant struggle between mouse (and occasionally rattlesnake and bear) and man, the shack sits upon four wood posts with rodent barriers, a detail borrowed from local corn cribs. The board and batten siding is locally milled pine“. Would you consider living in a home without electricity and surrounded by nothing but trees and pastures?