Resting on a five acre property, this fantastic residence displays two contrasting facades – a privacy-protecting front view composed of two volumes resting on a smaller wooden volume and a fully glazed south facade mirroring its 14 feet high steel and glass windows and stucco piers in the nearby pool. Part of architect Michael Haverland‘s portfolio, the residence named Waterfront House is located in East Hampton, New York. Concrete walls with interesting computer-generated vertical and horizontal patterns acting as rain-screens adorn the unique facade.

These hand cast panels are made from sand from the site, further deepening the connection between the built residence and its surroundings. The residence is described by Michael Haverland as follows: “From the initial approach, this house appears to be two opaque volumes. Once closer, an elevated courtyard is revealed, and a gap between two rectangular volumes exposes the steel and glass entry. The gradual sequence from grade to to the front door leads to the second floor where the main spaces are elevated to capture water and sky views.” Isn’t the use of patterned panels an amazing solution to beautifying an opaque facade?