Displaying a rectangular wood-covered architecture, the Waldblick Residence (meaning “forest view”) is an independent structure rising from the green surroundings, reaching for the skies with its imposing clean lines. Larch wood profiles cover the exterior facade of the Waldblick Residence, ensuring that the house displays a contemporary, durable design. The low energy home on the outskirts of Lucka, Germany, provides necessary heat and hot water thanks to the solar panels mounted on the south roof.

On this side of the house, the lower floor seems carved into the volume to define where the living space ends and the garage begins. Designed by Atelier ST, the 168 square meters of interior living space were split into entertaining and private spaces, all modern and inviting. Deliberately changing from high ceilings to low-cut galleries and function areas, the architects created a set of complex spatial relationships that create a dynamic interior and add charm to each space by the use of bold and natural colors.