Started by “a group of friends from Seattle, Washington”, PillowMob brings fun and interesting ways of staying connected with your friends and family – by offering them a funny pillow of your face or by adorning your home with their faces. And then there are other faces and things you can put on your pillows – your pets, your favorite snacks or even your favorite coins. You simply upload your desired photo on their site, and PillowMob will make your custom pillow and then ship it to you or your friend. You can even choose from their collection of puffy pillow heads, if you find one that captures your attention. Choose between the oval (7 by 11 inches), round or the heart-shaped pillows and finish it off with one of the ten fabric colors and patterns on the back of your pillow. All pillows cost $30 and include the international shipping price, so you have a fun, fresh pillow for an affordable price. Who’s first?