Completed in 2011, House BM is part of Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu‘s residential portfolio. This 304 square meter concrete house in Ghent, Belgium was built as part of the tree-filled property. Starting from a map with the exact position and diameter of every tree on the property, the architects had to come up with a solution to building the house without interfering with the surroundings.  The result is a multifaceted round structure, with an interior courtyard defined by mature trees.

A total of 18 windows spread across the facade and interior courtyard allows the interaction between the interiors and the exteriors, constructing an interesting connection. Built on a foundation that allows tree roots to expand in any direction, House BM respects its surroundings and displays a set of carefully designed spaces that care for the inhabitant’s need for comfort. Interiors dressed in concrete finishes contribute to the overall strength and design, but also define a contemporary collection of interior spaces.