Envisioned by designers Alexei Nikolashina, Alexandra Fedorova and Irina Shumaeva, this highly modern apartment is one of the sought after accommodation spaces in Moscow’s famous Triumph Palace building. The chromatic harmony of this project is achieved by white walls and floors, contrasted subtly by wooden accents and strongly by a dark-yellow TV and bookcase unit. The living area is minimalist and communicates with the kitchen, separated only by an elegant wooden bar, suspended more than one meter above the floor. State-of-the-art appliances are available for the ones who wish to cook here, although this is a crib that inspires elegant wines and eccentric take-out food, rather than mess and heavy cooking smells. A stylish glass table for six comes to second this idea. Enjoy discovering the details that make this apartment unique and don’t forget to share your findings by leaving a comment below.