Owners of the Maleny House (or the “Glass House Mountain House” in Maleny, Australia) challenged Australian Bark Design Architects to design a complex, landscape-interacting residential structure. According to its architects, the residential structure “has qualities of being anchored, robust and earthbound as well as being transparent, light and floating.” The modern office space overlooks the main access road and sloping landscape, while the adjacent wooden deck and terrace capture views of the extraordinary landscape. 

“Memorable to the experience is the ‘sanctuary’ of the courtyard space, whose edges are defined by ambiguous indoor outdoor thresholds of the transparent internal spaces, sitting between the refuge of a monumental basalt ‘Garden Wall’  and the broader natural volcanic landscape.” The semi-enclosed garden is protected by a caged stone wall protecting the privacy on the front side downstairs spaces. An interesting mixture of different windows were used to flood the interior with light – corner windows at the front entrance and upstairs, vertical windows, glass walls and sliding doors throughout the house. Different naturally colored frames  – from thin to modern bay windows – adorn the intricate floor plan. You will be amazed by the different vantage points offering splendid views, just check out the video below, filmed during the construction and enjoy!