Flying Point Residence is a project envisioned and implemented by studio Stelle Architects. The two-story building is located in Southampton, New York, USA, and is a remodel of an old home the owner wished to recondition. Many materials found by the architects within the initial residence were recycled. Here is more from the official description. “House and garden design become a bridge between two different bodies of water: gentle Mecox Bay to the north and wild Atlantic Ocean to the south. An existing house was radically transformed as opposed to being demolished. Substantial effort was undertaken in order to reuse, rethink and modify existing conditions and materials. The plans were reworked to create smaller, staggered volumes, which are visually disconnected. Deep overhangs were added to strengthen the indoor/outdoor relationship and new bay to ocean views through the structure result in house as breezeway and bridge.” We appreciate the efforts behind this home conversion and are curious to see your reactions as well.