Envisioned by the creative team from Lee Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership, the modern Ani Villas overlooking Little Bay, in Anguilla, Caribbean, are in many ways mesmerizing. Today’s post is dedicated to the project entitled Ani South, one of the buildings that make up this stunning cliff-side duo. According to the official description of the villa, “Ani South sits on the southern side of the estate and looks directly down into Little Bay with its shimmering blue waters. The master bedrooms, indoor and outdoor living spaces are oriented toward the breathtaking western view down the Anguilla coast line and sunset views“. Some of the features of the 5-bedroom residence include the possibility for indoor and outdoor dining, roof deck lounge, pool deck lounge, tennis court and gym area. But what I personally appreciate about this project is that if you were to take away its incredible location and its exterior entertainment facilities, other appealing characteristics would still remain. I am talking of course, of its interior design, filled with organic decorative elements that add freshness and personality.