We recently received inspiring photos on a Modern Villa in Hungary. Built in the suburbs of a vineyard-intersected provincial town in Hungary, the modern home sits on a slightly sloped terrain. This allowed architects Polla Bauer and András Ónodi to design a sober, elegant and modern residential construction that displays a two-storey front facade continued under a gable roof with a single story floor plan in the back. A simple yet effective geometry combines the subtle front facade with a challenging set of vantage points unveiling different design angles. Set at the end of the street, this white contemporary villa sits under a dark roof and is shaded by dark cladding in the front and along the roof line.

These effects create a homogeneous contemporary composition soften by wood insertions pierced by glass. The front part of the house contains bedrooms and the kitchen, while the back side opens to the garden, creating an ideal place for placing social spaces. The street level space contains the garage, laundry room and storage, while on top of them lies the kitchen which opens to the social spaces in the back and private rooms on each side. This ensures privacy for both the parents and their two teenage children. What is the most amazing thing about this family residence – the floor plan, location among vineyards, interesting facade or bold, modern interiors designed by Geppetto?