Toronto-based studio Altius Architecture designed a 4,500 square foot family residence with a fantastic collection of interiors. Located in Canada, just south of Collingwood, in the heart of the Clearview area – hence the name – the Clearview Residence was completed last year, in 2011. Nearby, the woodland and pond offered the architects a perfect setting in which the modern house can communicate with the surroundings. Dark-framed glass walls and elegant vertical windows flood the interiors with natural light during the day and seem to give back the borrowed light during the night.

Materials were chosen to evolve with the ever-changing scenery. Architects “incorporated the ever evolving characteristics of corten steel, the earthy tones of a deep grey/blue ‘Cape Cod’ pre-finished wood siding, as well as other products like slate and ipe wood decking.” The two story contemporary home features sustainable technologies like the geothermal lake loop and green house and was built using local materials. How many of you prefer a modern home by the pond?