Eccentricity is this structure’s main characteristic – a Corbusian – inspired study on the relationship between interior and exterior spaces – named Wall House 2 and located in Groningen, the Netherlands. After 28 years since the original design was completed and one year after the death of its architect – John Hejduk – the Wall House 2 displays the struggle with lack of funding and the result of a hard work underwent by a Netherlands-based studio after the architect’s unexpected death. Many details changed during this time – location, budget, details – but the 2,500 square feet residential structure took on the task of presenting John Hejduk’s vision. Surrealist sculpture merged with cubist paintings and architecture shape a series of public, semi-public and private quarters – as compartmentalized by the owners.

The three-dimensional structure was organized around a central axis of horizontal and vertical planes. Light colors visually separate the volumes while a neutral gray wall captures a stand-still moment in time. A spiral staircase hidden by this wall offers access to the superior volumes and a set of glass partitions connect the front side to the back side. Different vantage points offer different perspectives of the house’s architecture, colors and symbolism – each architectural detail seems to disguise a deeper meaning. The large gray wall and column-supported spaces help fabricate a stunning residence. Inside, the ground floor is occupied by the study, kitchen and dining room, the first floor shelters a bedroom and the living spaces were raised to the top floor. This way, every space has a function embraced by an unusual shape that everyone can enjoy and learn from.