With its location resonating in the name, the Kiev Residence occupies a green lot in a residential area of Kiev, Ukraine. Local architects of Yunakov Architecture Construction collaborated with the owner to create a stunning individual architecture style that would encompass the inhabitants’ needs and preferences. The eco-friendly residential construction uses locally resourced materials and energy-saving technologies – double glazing or LED-lighting – to keep a low impact on the environment. It was built almost entirely using Ukrainian materials – wood, stone and brick – and custom furnished with a series of items designed by the architect and carefully chosen lighting systems.

Designed for a young family with three children under 7, the residence had to meet all the requirements for a set of dynamic personalities. Each of the three children were given the possibility of expressing their personal style by choosing the colors, lights and details for their own room, although all three kids bedrooms were the same in design. With two floors and three terrace gardens – one on each floor and a rooftop garden – the 6,450 square foot Kiev Residence shelters under its roof a charming collection of spaces: 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a study, a theater room, kitchen, dining room, a double-height hall with a fireplace, and a four car garage, all splashed with perfectly adapted muted tones. Vertical windows and beautifully designed rounded corners on the facade give the house a modern vertical ascent while the natural color duo displayed on the brick exterior adds a playful character to the whole residential construction.