Combine spectacular surroundings and love for modern architecture and you end up with the stunning Chalet Béranger. Located in a wonderful French ski resort – St Martin de Belleville – this comforting permanent residence is home to 5,700 square feet of sleek and chic modern interior spaces spread over three levels. The village nestled in the middle of Les 3 Vallées in the French Alps ensures this particular cottage gets the best views and a lot of fresh air. The comfort of contemporary interior design was merged with a traditional exterior only to construct a wood and stone dream home.

Completed in December 2011, this stunning alpine ski lodge was designed by French designer and interior architect Noé Duchaufour Lawrance, who describes the inspiration at the base of this unusually comfortable style: “Far from the geometric construction methods of a traditional chalet, the interior architecture of this family home is a domestic landscape whose forms emerge from the ground like small functional mountains rising from a valley. Resolutely fluid and modern, the result is a set of lines and organic forms composed around a wooden ribbon. A large, main room is set above the whole construction, defining the central point of the chalet where the family comes together around a warm hearth.”