We recently received photos of a fantastic coffee table that can be modified to suit your needs. The REK Coffee Table, created by architect and designer Reinier de Jong, transforms from a wooden block into a multitude of designs with a few simple moves. After deigning furniture items like the REK bookcase, KEER chair and VOLT table, the talented Reinier de Jong created a versatile piece of furniture to accompany your everyday coffee. He explains the inspiration, use of materials and functions of this modern coffee table: “REK is a coffee table that grows with your coffee needs. When you have visitors, just get some chairs and extend the table any way you like. Enough space for all those coffee cups and store your book or knitting set in the spaces underneath the tops. 

You can extend REK in various ways. Built-in stops make sure you will not extend the sliding parts too far. Of course you can also put REK in a permanent position that fits your interior. The top and two sides of REK are white HPL and the edges are finished with your choice of parquet wood: oak, berch or beech. The end grain side of the wood is beveled in order to get a grip: a subtle detail. The dimensions of the REK table obviously vary with its configuration. REK is 60 by 80 cm in collapsed state, its maximum length is 170 cm and its maximum width is 130 cm. REK coffee table is related to another REK by Reinier de Jong Design- the bookcase that grows with your book collection. ”