Architects Gonzalo Mardones Viviani have completed the design for Miele Commercial Gallery in Santiago, Chile. The new building is located in a residential neighborhood entitled Nueva Costanera Avenue and known for its commercial and cultural identity. Therefore, the project had to stand out, showcase the products of the brand and create awareness: “Our architectonic proposal is a building that opens to the corner (the most public place) in a play of facades of concrete and inclined crystals. The interior result of the idea permits the connectivity of all the levels. Spaces are architectonic labyrinths paths that are even penetrating the underground spaces, a unique possibility of light and natural ventilation. The circulation path into the entire building was created in red steel (red is the Miele corporate color) leaving a contrast to the materiality of the building, white concrete with titanium dioxide incorporated. This red strip distinguishes over the white as a fauve and runs over all levels to the roof“. Find this architecture approach inspiring? [Photography by Nico Saieh]