Transforming a 1960?s split-level building into a fascinating contemporary residence resulted in a beautiful combination of old flare and new sophistication. Moore Architects managed to create a stunning collection of spaces gathered in a home named Lakefront Residence. As described by the architects, this home is organized according to the owner’s needs while taking into account the existing building: “Saving the bones of the front to back split-level, the architects sought to use this basic organization to an advantage: exploiting the street side / water side split personality of the residence, but acknowledging that the fun is in the modern connection of the two worlds.

The landscaped street face of the house, containing the entry, office, garage and guest rooms, recalls the reserve and scale of the original house. The rear of the house, with the living and dining rooms, and master suite, explodes into the woods, opening views to the steep hill that plummets to the water below.” Spreading over 4,900 square feet, the remodeled house is located in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. Overlooking the private Lake Barcroft, this unique L-shaped home provides the inhabitants with a fantastic back terrace and a landscape adorned with mature maple trees. Indoor and outdoor merge in a successful effort to bring a sense of living alongside nature, but having all the modern comfort needed by urban dwellers.