Launched to wide acclaim at Tent London, part of London Design Week, in September 2011, the furniture of Yorkshire-based designer Anthony Hartley is bright, fresh, engaging and dynamic. He produces each piece by hand, from the original drawings through to the finished products.

The two pieces shown here are part of the collection. Edna 1 is an oak cabinet with a single multicoloured laminated ply drawer, hand sprayed and lacquered to a high gloss finish, with shiny metal legs. The bright shiny colours create a very tactile appeal as the unit begs to be touched.

Edna 3 is a slightly larger version of the unit featuring three drawers rather than one. The duck egg blue cabinet is contrasted with incredible intense orange legs, and 3 multicoloured drawers in laminated ply. The hand sprayed high gloss and lacquer on the outside is reflected in the highly finished drawer interiors, making her as delicious inside as she is outside.

 How does this colourful design make you feel?