Designed back in 2010, the sleek helmet will enter production this year, in 2012. Thanks to its creator, Patrick Jouffret of French Agency 360 studio, the helmet displays a unisex design built to offer protection just as much as a standard bicycle helmet would, but its folding feature makes it easier to carry and fit in different carry-ons. Seeing that this helmet is still a prototype, it would be interesting to see if the same techniques and design could be applied in the construction field. Just imagine construction workers with a lunch box and an Overade Cycling Helmet – this could be the way the future is represented. Not only versatile spaces or furniture pieces can be designed to be compact and occupy less space, this feature can be extended to many items and the Overade cycling helmet proves that design is extremely flexible. Scroll down to see not only the photos of the product, but also a paper model and individual helmet pieces before assembly. Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think about the Overade Cycling Helmet.