Bold and expressing a keep artistic sense, this beautiful Copenhagen Flat is home to Christina Eivor Wallem Hvims and Frederik Lassen Hesseldahl. The dining space features a beautiful black panther painted on the wall and accentuated by the rest of the mural painted in vivid colors that we can also see in the furniture and home accessories. Spreading over 93 square meters, the apartment is located in a residential building in Nørrebro, Denmark. Styled by interior designer Katrine Martensen-Larsen of KML Design, this unique living space was customized by the owner with fantastic colors and lines, defining the style seen at The Art Of Clean. Once we stumbled upon the bright and fresh Copenhagen apartment on Let me be inspired, we had to share its inspirational interiors with you, hoping that you will pay it forward and help inspire other people. Details like the peacock feather patterned button on the dining room chairs make the space inviting, while the carefully chosen details or the paintbrushes give us a hint about the artistic endeavors of the inhabitants.