Sea Shell Residence is an impressive 7,500 square foot modern home, located on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. The residence displays quite a few captivating interior design details, envisioned and implemented by studio Lanciano Design. Here is an excerpt from the official project description, as given to the press by the designers: “Openness is the main concept that led us in this project, combining informal ambient and yet sheer elegance. We choose a palette of colors that repeats the colors of the outside into the house. The unconventional layout of the kitchen & the dining area came to our thoughts when designing this space, thinking how friendly it will be to enjoy entertaining family & guests, being able to host and to be present at the same time. The ground floor wrapped in large apertures maintaining a dialog with the outside. Obtaining the open space feeling. The lighting in the house designed by Lanciano-Design has many scenarios, for special effects to be able to change completely the ambient in the house“. How would you comment on the overall design of this home?