Mosaics have been used since ancient times either as a decorative art form or as an aspect of interior design. Ancient mosaics typically depicted historical scenes or were used to record scenes of everyday life. Whatever they featured, they were a lasting way to immortalise our existence during a certain period of time.

Giving the art of mosaics a very modern twist, SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory has created the Portrait Collection. By using photographic shots recreated in mosaic form the Portrait Collection can capture your existence for eternity. Create a wall-sized portrait of your favourite image of yourself, your partner, your child or someone else important in your life.

If having a picture of yourself recreated using mosaics does not appeal, you can always choose to immortalise your favourite stars or celebrities instead. The limited edition Marilyn Collection features portraits of the glamorous screen siren and goddess taken from the historically famous shoot by her friend and photographer Milton H. Green.

What do you think? Would you like to immortalise yourself in mosaic or would you choose to capture someone else in a mosaic portrait?