We received a unique chair collection from Life Given A Shape that we would love to share further. Here is the description we were sent from the project developers: “The inspiration for Individuale came from our observation of the interplay of people, personalities and characters that colour our lives. Sitting with friends, family or complete strangers, we were amazed by the diversity of their identities and the unique attributes they brought to the table.  Through verbal and non verbal interaction, these characters exhibited such varied traits, from confidence to extroversion while highlighting social roles much like in a family unit. This very basic idea of diversity in humans inspired Life Given A Shape to translate these observations into our collection.  Therefore the concept of different personalities and functions is embodied in Individuale, where each chair brings to the table unique attributes and a distinct usability creating together a harmonious environment.

The components of Individuale are a product of fine Italian craftsmanship from the Emilia Romagna and Veneto regions. The chairs feature several high quality natural materials which were chosen for their narrative potential and aging properties. The raw solid wooden seat, the real leather backrest and the steel framework will catch your attention enticing you to investigate all the fine details which will make each chair personal to you. Each individual chair in fact features distinctive details such as the uniquely aged wood and bears, engraved, the date of realization”. For more details about each chair, you can check out the official Life Given a Shape website here. Enjoy correlating the design of these chairs with the personality of your friends and don’t forget to give us your feedback.