Welcome to a recently built modern villa found on Residence.se, that features an inviting pool and great views of the Stockholm inlet. The plastered facade along with the numerous windows give a sober modern impression to the exterior of the residence. With a total living area of 227 square meters (five bedrooms and three bathrooms), this place is perfect for a large family. The interiors all give away a feeling of space, while the generously sized windows allow natural light inside and connect the house with the outdoors. The living room has an open and airy floor plan with exit to a large balcony all along the southern facade. Sophisticated lighting details, modern furniture elements and subtle color accents that do a great job contrasting the plastered white walls set the tone for this elegantly-designed villa. Since there are so many inspiring home items displayed in the photos below, we will let you have a look and give you further information, if you require so in your comments.