We came across two interesting lamps designed by the same talented product and lighting designer Giles Godwin-Brown. The first one, named Nepa Lamp, is described by its creator as a ” two-dimensional lamp silhouette that seamlessly transforms into a fully functioning three-dimensional task lamp.” The wall-mounted 6 ft high lamp was built out of conventional materials – birch plywood with stainless steel and aluminum details – with the help of computer-controlled technologies. It uses friction hinges along with a pivot in the base to enable a full range movement and utilizes high-powered LED lighting to spread its functional light.  Last September, the Nepa Lamp was exhibited at Designersblock London.

The second one, named Candor Lamp, is also a wall-mounted lamp, designed for commercial and industrial use. LED technology was incorporated into a cotton and timber design, with a transparent strip that creates a halo-like effect of light on the surrounding wall. Found on Design Milk, both lamps feature original details and are a fun alternative to common lighting systems. Giles Godwin-Brown describes his work: “Inspiration was taken from previous classics of the lighting industry combined with my fundamental design principles that require my products to be in their most simple form, whilst always ensuring this does not inhibit their intended function.”