Few people love guns. However, this unusual door-knob entitled Bang Bang Handle and designed by Nikita Kovalev does not necessarily appeal to the violent type, but rather to the extravagant persons, the ones who like to stand out of the crowd. I did not find any information about this design actually being produced, so I imagine it is currently just a concept. It is also not clear how exactly the product works. Does pulling the trigger have anything to do with activating the handle mechanism and opening/closing the door, or is it just there to intimidate? All in all, this door knob is original, which is why we decided to share it further in the first place. It also comes in a variety of colors, which makes it easy to integrate in various contemporary interiors. It is up for you to help us solve these design-related dilemmas. How do you believe this product works and most importantly, what do you think of it?