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If you are trying to organize yourself for the new year, what better place to start than your closets? Closet organization is key to getting your whole wardrobe and yourself ready to take on rest of the year! Did you ever wonder what the closets of your favorite celebrities look like? Whether they have the same every day organization challenges like the rest of us? They do!

To learn how the celebs organize, we sat down with Celebrity organizer to the stars, Melanie Fascitelli, of Clos-ette. Melanie has designed a line of storage solution products called Clos-ette Too, written the ultimate closet guide book entitled “Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet With Style“, and transformed countless dressing room spaces around the world.

Melanie Fascitelli

Melanie has celebrity clients that include Beyonce and Jay-Z, Drew Barrymore, Phil Collins, Liv Tyler, and a host of others. Melanie helps celebrities organize their life, and today she’s going to share organization secrets to organize your closets too!

At the beginning of each year we often look forward to new experiences, greater successes and overall a better quality of life. New Year’s Resolutions are at the forefront as we make a pledge to ourselves, whether long or short term. But have you ever thought of making a New Year’s Closolution? That’s right a resolution for your closet! That bulging, eye soar of a closet has been weighing you down for the past year and now it’s time to not only revitalize yourself, but your wardrobe.

I know it can seem like a daunting task to tackle, but remember that physics class you thought you could never pass or that huge credit-card bill you thought you’d never pay off? Whatever the challenge you aced it, and with a little help from me you can transform your closet into the organized nirvana it was meant to be.

How to purge the clutter

Now you may be looking at that overstuffed, chaotic closet and thinking “Where do I start?” So let’s instill your newest mantra: p-u-r-g-e. Set aside a weekend or two evenings after work to edit and review your wardrobe to get rid of everything you don’t need. Start by sorting your clothes into three categories: “Throw Away,” “Give Away” and “Keep.” I know it’s tempting to hold on to unnecessary items and think “Well I’ll keep this just in case” or “What if it comes back in style.” But take some advice from the pros! Amy Astley, Teen Vogue editor says, “Make space to take in new ideas!” and Wendy Clurman, former Vogue fashion director has a point – “If you haven’t worn it in two years, get rid of it!” To make the editing process easier and more fun, invite a friend so you have a second pair of eyes to make sure nothing seeps through the cracks, then you can shop your closet later. Buy my book Shop Your Closet so you can have all my organizing solutions at your fingertips.

Restructure & reorganize

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all that dead weight, it’s time to restructure and reorganize your closet. Be sure to use all the same hangers and don’t even think about using wire hangers! They can damage and misshape your clothes. It’s out with the wire and in with the Signature. My Signature Hangers are great space savers with their skinny design to maximize your horizontal and vertical space. They are not only flocked for no slippage, but are also designed for additional garment care such as creaseless hanging.

What fits your lifestyle?

While organizing your closet, you want to think about the functionality of it and what works best for you. Organize your closet into sections – shirts with shirts, pants with pants, sweaters with sweaters. This creates uniformity and makes things super easy to find. Color-coding each section from light to dark not only creates great visual appeal, but also allows you to put together outfits quickly based on colors and hues. Use shelf dividers to help create more customization and organization in your closet. This offers a great space to store sweaters, scarves and blankets by dividing each section. My Signature Shelf Dividers are perfect for tackling the task!


The little odds and ends, such as women’s accessories or men’s ties and cuff links need to be tended to as well. Make sure they are visible and have a home. Men’s ties can be stored on a tie rack. There are many styles available in the marketplace. Choose one that suits your budget, space restrictions and that can accommodate the number of pieces in your tie collection. Never leave your tie stuffed in your coat or suit pocket – they can become creased and lose they shape. Remember everything has its place and you don’t want to misplace items or add unnecessary clutter. And if your jewelry needs a more special home, use our Signature Jewelry Case that is durable and chic. It offers visible storage that makes it simple to select the best piece to complement your outfit.

Shoe organization

But let’s not forget about another element that complements any outfit: shoes. Many of us, men and women alike, suffer from shoe mania (you can include me in this illustrious group) and we have a hard time figuring out where to put all this fashion. Some resort to boxes, but shoe shelves are a more practical way to store your beloved footwear. The walk-in slanted shoe shelves are ideal for women’s shoes, while larger and bulkier men’s shoes can be placed on flat shelves. These can be purchased at home-improvement and home-organization stores. For a reach-in closet, it’s best to have shoe shelves on the floor under the long hanging bar. If the floor shelves don’t offer enough room for all your shoes, try storing the remaining in shoe drawers or clear plastic containers overhead or under your bed. For a wardrobe closet, you may want to consider customizing a shoe rack, either by inserting individual wooden shoe compartments into the wardrobe base or by a hanging canvas shoe rack. Both can be found at home-organization stores, on the Internet or in catalogues.

I know I laid out a lot of information on you, but with a New Year upon us, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your closet. Clearing your wardrobe of unnecessary clutter not only affects your closet, but yourself, creating a stress free environment to turn to in the morning. 2012 is the year to make your wardrobe a fun place to turn to rather than a space that fills you with anxiety. Let these tips be a guide in your quest to attain the ultimate goal – organization nirvana. If you have any closet woes or questions, feel free to write me on Facebook. Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!

Melanie Fascitelli is considered the “closet organizer to the stars…the absolute guru in designing and building custom closets and dressing rooms…”  She has worked with a number of celebrity clientele. Today, Melanie’s distinct fashion sense and skills at working one-on-one to help others achieve their ideal style, whether in their wardrobes or their closets, have been channeled into Clos-ette.