Waterfront homes capture the idea of living by water, while the modern architecture featuring extensive use of glass will constantly remind you where you are. Architect Scott Allen designed the Cliff House as proof that living in harmony with the surroundings can also ensure you have a comfortable lifestyle. Located in Gig Harbor, Washington, the Cliff House stands with its back against a natural cliff and its front opened to the stretch of calming water. Replacing an old guest house and boathouse, the new contemporary residential construction had to be designed and built in response to the tough terrain.

As explained by Scott Allen Architecture, “the design solution makes the roof of the new structure an extension of the upland lawn, with a glass-enclosed elevator providing access to the two levels below. To the south, an outdoor living space is set between the house and a new boathouse. Stairs lead down to the water and are incorporated into a series of decks, terraces, and bridges that create spaces for living and entertaining. This area also features a wood-burning pizza oven and an outdoor fireplace.” Reminiscent of a boat’s cabin, the first floor of the house displays Douglas fir ceilings and walls with over-sized windows flooding the interiors with natural light. Four main building materials featured on the facade – copper, concrete, metal window cladding, and cedar – withstand the special conditions, while eco-friendly features like the green roof or sunscreens help cool down the interiors during summer.